Monday, August 31, 2009

Me, acting all expert-y about information overload

Let's keep it between us that I actually struggle with information overload on a daily basis. Instead focus on the fact that the tips I give in this video on BlogHer are actually good tips. I should follow my own advice a lot more consistently than I do.

The most important thing I share in this video is this: You control the noise. I get really frustrated by people, be they elitist journalists or clueless family members, who can't imagine why people use Twitter or who complain about how many blogs there are now Or who ask the classic: "Who cares what anyone had for lunch?" question.

So, without further ado, here is the video*:

* The Juice is an initiative BlogHer has done in tandem with Tropicana Trop 50. I wasn't originally scheduled to be a guest, but then they realized that of course they should have someone with eight blogs and an account on every social network speak about information overload :)

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is Time magazine serious?

I'd actually like to think Time Magazine is joking when they name the web sites in this list as the Best of 2009.

Don't get me wrong: It's not like I don't use (and generally love) sites like Google, Flickr, Yelp, Delicious, Twitter, Skype, Open Table, Amazon, Netflix, Wikipedia and more.

But, come on.

1. Am I the only one who see a headline like Best Web Sites of 2009 and hopes to learn about new sites?

2. Am I the only one who see a headline like Best Web Sites of 2009 and hopes to discover amazing new content?

3. Am I the only one who doesn't actually consider some of these to be web sites, but rather web applications or services?

4. Am I the only one who wonders what could be newsworthy about listing sites that are already in the Top 20, 50, even 100 visited sites on the entire Internet?

5. Am I the only one who thinks this would have been better entitled: "Top 50 Sites for People Who Have Been Living in Caves"?

Bah. Humbug.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deadline September 7th: Submit your amazing communications initiative for a SNCR Award

I'm sorry I'm only posting this now, but there are still two weeks left in which to submit a a nomination for the Society for New Communications Research Announces Call for Entries for 2009 Excellence in New Communications Awards.

I'm a Founding Fellow of SNCR, which has been around since 2005. It's a global nonprofit research and education foundation and think tank focused on the latest developments in new media and communications.

Their awards program "honors the work of corporations, governmental and nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, media outlets and individuals who are innovating the use of social media, ICT, mobile media, online communities and virtual worlds and collaborative technologies in the areas of business, media, and professional communications, including advertising, marketing, public relations and corporate communications, as well as entertainment, education, politics, and social initiatives."

You can check this link for all the categories and details, but suffice to say: Just about any kind of program executed by and/or for any kind of organization should be able to find a category in which to fit.

The submission must include a case study detailing initiatives and technologies. The winning case studies are published by SNCR and New Communications Review and the winners will be honored at the 2009 Society for New Communications Research Symposium & Awards Gala, which will be held November 5-6 at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, Mass. and hosted by SNCR Fellow Paul Gillin.

Entry guidelines and the online entry form can be found at The deadline for submissions is September 7th, 2009.

As a member of SNCR's Best Practices Committee I'll likely judge a category or two, so perhaps I'll see your case studies in a couple of weeks?

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Monday, August 24, 2009

My attempt to unplug

PBS Frontline's Digital Nation project was at BlogHer '09 and interviewed lots of amazing women who blog.

And then there's me. Telling a quick story about trying to unplug while in Africa for a week. And considering myself quite successful at it. Even though I didn't actually unplug the whole, entire time.

It's two-minutes long, enjoy!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spam me to defend yourself against spam. Good plan.

I got an email almost a week ago that was so glaringly ironic that I saved it. A day later David Weinberger, who is obviously more on the blogging ball than I, blogged the same email: meta-meta-spam.

Some company I've never heard of, and who I can guarantee I've never opted in to receive emails from, sent me an email:
Twitter has recently moved to shut down web promotions company, by claiming the advertising agency is “spamming”.

According to uSocial CEO Leon Hill, Twitter recently sent accusations via a brand-management organisation that uSocial are using Twitter for spam purposes. Despite this, uSocial say the claims are false.

“The definition of spam is using electronic messaging to send unsolicited communication and as we don’t use Twitter for this, the claims are false.” Said Hill.

Indeed, that is the definition, thanks for reminding me...dude who is spamming me to tell me how he's not a spammer on Twitter!

The #blogher09 hashtag stream has been completely overtaken by spammers...some of them no doubt enabled by this company in question.

Let's just say: I am not your target audience spammer-dude.

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