Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spam me to defend yourself against spam. Good plan.

I got an email almost a week ago that was so glaringly ironic that I saved it. A day later David Weinberger, who is obviously more on the blogging ball than I, blogged the same email: meta-meta-spam.

Some company I've never heard of, and who I can guarantee I've never opted in to receive emails from, sent me an email:
Twitter has recently moved to shut down web promotions company, by claiming the advertising agency is “spamming”.

According to uSocial CEO Leon Hill, Twitter recently sent accusations via a brand-management organisation that uSocial are using Twitter for spam purposes. Despite this, uSocial say the claims are false.

“The definition of spam is using electronic messaging to send unsolicited communication and as we don’t use Twitter for this, the claims are false.” Said Hill.

Indeed, that is the definition, thanks for reminding me...dude who is spamming me to tell me how he's not a spammer on Twitter!

The #blogher09 hashtag stream has been completely overtaken by spammers...some of them no doubt enabled by this company in question.

Let's just say: I am not your target audience spammer-dude.

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