Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Follow-up: How sketchy blog outreach goes over the edge into bad practices

Last week I blogged about a sketchy blog outreach effort.

What they got right: Yes, I was actually intrigued by the product they were pitching to me.

What they got wrong: Lack of personalization in the message and a site that discouraged blogging by embedding their product images in flash.

Now, what they got really wrong:

1. Two days after the original email, they emailed me again after I had already blogged both here and at hip & zen about this pitch, reminding me that they'd like me to write about their product. Um, chica, I guess you don't do anything to track whether the blogosphere is actually alking about this product you're pitching to it, do you? Loser move.

2. They emailed me yet again a few days later to pitch me a different, but related product. Still no personalization, including no acknowledgement that I did write about their first pitch. So, now it's clear I'm on some list, and they'll be spamming me regularly...but they won't know whether their hard spamming work has any actual outcome or not.

I am now emailing this publicist to ask her to remove me from her list, and to oh, so gently, suggest she might want to monitor the blogosphere if she's going to try to play in it.


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