Friday, April 28, 2006

Cross post: hip & zen stereo speakers?

Originally posted over at the hip & zen pen, but since it's more about how to communicate rationally with bloggers than it is about cool design, I thought it belonger here too.

I don't, as a matter of principle, like to blog after receiving some anonymous email pitch. Don't get me wrong: in my work as a blog marketing chick I often email bloggers and point them towards something I hope they will find relevant to blog about. But each such email is personal and absolutely on point. I email bloggers that I actually read, and I tell them exactly why I think they and the people who read them might be interested in what I have to say. Personal. Customized.

I got an email talking about some new speakers coming out from Infinity. Now I write for nine different blogs, so when someone writes and says they'd like me to write about something "on your site." I inevitably think to myself, "which one?"

This email talk a lot about the cool design of the speakers, and there was also an oblique reference in the mail to sustainability...that the parts were made from recyclable materials, not the usual vinyl and particle board. So bingo, I figured it was a hip & zen approach.

I went and checked out the pictures on the site, and sure enough, the speakers are quite hip. Too bad the pictures are in some embedded Flash media format, instead of actual digital pictures, because I would have been happy to show you what they looked like.

So. Why write about them at all if I'm going to be so cranky about it?

Because I am a kind kind person who hopes this publicist takes this in the spirit intended: you've got what looks to be a cool product. But you are the first impression of the product we have. Take just that little bit of extra time to personalize, and you'll get a lot more interest. Because I can tell you: if you think I'm cranky, you haven't talked to too many bloggers yet. I'm a pussycat!

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