Friday, March 03, 2006

Technorati doesn't just NOT care about me...

Now I think they're really out to get me.

Today Technorati is featuring my BlogHer pal Ronni Bennett's Favorite blogs, of which my Personal Blog is one (Thanks, Ronni!)

Only all the links that are supposedly from my blog in this Technorati-provided aggregated feed of Ronni's favorite blogs are really going to the Entertainment Weekly Popwatch blog. I thought I didn't recognize any of the post titles!

That's just weird.

So ironic. I was sitting in the NewComm Forum morning keynote with Charlene Li this morning, hearing her talk about companies who "listen" to the blogosphere and rectify customer problems. Various examples were made of consumer companies who read something on someone's blog and made things right. I would guess that most of the people in that room assumed that said companies used a tool like Technorati to do the listening. Meanwhile I have blogged about my problem with Technorati ego-feed SPAM many times (and exchanged email with their then-Community Manager) to absolutely no avail.

Now they won't even let someone pick me as a Favorite and actually properly represent my blog.

I feel...well, not surprised, to be honest. But a tad scared that this is still considered the industry standrad for blog tracking.

intersting you should post this today, I just wrote something similar on my blog!
Wow, that is a coincidence.

I have blogged many many many times that Technorati is basically a seriously crippled tool that is still somehow considered the industry standard. I rarely use it, and I'm often frustrated when I try.

Great minds think alike I guess.
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