Monday, February 13, 2006

FYI: Technorati doesn't care about me

Last December I blogged about a problem I was having with my Technorati ego-feeds. Namely that for some unknown reason certain keyword-based ego-feeds were sending me repeated repeats of cites out in the blogosphere. I mean bunches of cites that I am getting sent to me as new, over and over and over. It only happens on keyword-based feeds, and only with certain posts. And some of the posts are, by now, quite old, so I'm doubting it's that the blogger went back to this 4 month old post and re-edited it, or that they're getting lots of new comments on it.

Since no one responded to my post, either from Technorati or to say that they were experiencing the same phenomenon, I took it up a notch and emailed a buddy who works there. He responded quickly at first, asking for examples of the ego feeds in question. But then he fell silent too. Leaving me for yet another month of suffering under ego-feeds-turned-spam.

I really cannot believe I alone have this problem? Really? Do I?

I can never tell if it's Bloglines that's messing things up or if it's Technorati's search feeds that are broken.

Too many points of failure in this newfangled distributed syndicated something-or-other-ated Web 2.0-lated world.

If you thought troubleshooting problems was hard in Web 1.0, welcome to Web 2.0, where problems are almost always "somebody else's problem."
"You are not alone" - i.e. I see the same issue in my keyword feeds. It's really tiresome. Unlike you, I've expended exactly *no* energy in attempting to work through it with Technorati - why? Because, from experience, their response to support issues is "it looks fine, to us" - and that's that.

Technorati costs me nothing to use - and that's about what it's worth, to me. On the occasion that it tells me something useful, I give a quick mental tip-of-the-hat - and then expect it it to return to its habitual mediocrity in short order.
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