Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another author/guru starts a'blogging

As I'm only about the 3,498th blogger to note, Malcolm Gladwell has started a blog.

Just like when Guy Kawasaki started his blog, I am subscribing, but I am also going to judge it just like any other blog...does it provide value and give me a good reason to clutter up my aggregator with its 371st feed?

I took a while to warm up to Guy's blog. It really did seem to be slick retreads from his books. But over time I have realized that a) since I haven't read all his books, but have enjoyed the one I did read, this is perhaps a bargain for me and b) he seems to be making an honest effort to stay responsive to his readers, who, given their adulation, certainly deserve as much.

Gladwell's blog is different out of the gate. He's using it to amend and correct and muse on recent and slightly-less-recent articles of his. Some of the posts are shorter, more abrupt. In other words, he seems a little less slick, and therefore a little more bloggy.

But there are only about half a dozen posts so far, so like I said: wait and see..hopefully he'll be a consistent and quality addition to the blogosphere.

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