Friday, February 17, 2006

Guy Kawasaki writes a post just for me!

OK, maybe Guy doesn't know he did, but he did.

In this post Guy addresses that pesky subject: is his blog just a cut-and-paste job from his various book?

I pointed this our last month, mostly in the context that I thought bloggers were exposing themselves as fawning star-f*ckers by lavishing Guy and his blog with all this praise, before he'd written so much as an original thought.

I also said that I would subscribe to guy's blog and hope that it was worth it. It has been, as are his books, well-written and clean. And I gotta give him props for responding to commenters pretty much without fail.

Today, he specifically describes his blogging process, and confirms that he does review his books to pick which concept he feels like exploring that day. But he makes the case that he augments and deconstructs these concepts, benefitting from what he has continued to learn over the years since he wrote whichever book he is pulling from. his explanation makes sense, and makes the case that this content is worth re-visitng with him via blog.

Best of all, it is laced with a dash of humility and honesty when he tells us the following:
I've written eight books since 1987. In those twenty or so years, I've pretty much covered all the topics that I thought were important--or knew anything about. There's no way that I can write a blog with only new topics unless I write a different kind of blog--ie, (a) Guy's rants and raves or (b) Guy acts as your newsbot. Don't hold your breath...I'm not a 6 o'clock news reporter nor Howard Stern. My goal is to write the equivalent of documentaries or feature stories.

OK, I can accept that :)

I'll keep being subscribed.

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