Wednesday, August 31, 2005

CORRECTION: GM matching hurrican relief donations (MADE BY GM EMPLOYEES)

Found via the GM blog of course.

And it's very cool.

Too bad I already donated to both the Red Cross and the Humane Society yesterday.

I'm just disappointed that Apple hasn't responded as quickly as they did to the tsunami last year. I felt good about being their customer when they were the first (and only for quite some time) company to devote their home page to the disaster and relief. I guess the enormity of the "worst natural disaster in American history" hasn't hit them yet?

So, now I'm feeling proud that I have a GM car (my Saturn ION.)

If you have yet to donate, please consider donating via the GM/Red Cross matching program: info here.

CORRECTION: They are matching employee donations only. Which considering their size is still substantial, but not quite what I thought upon first reading the post. Sorry.

Here's the link to the ASPCA relief page too.

I think MS should send xboxs, Dell should send computers. And use the jumbotron to broadcast tv. Mental, as well as physical challenge.
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