Wednesday, December 29, 2004

How big companies can seem more personal

I recently wrote a blog post over at my Personal Blog where I opined that most customers don't know the CEOs of consumer companies they deal with, and really don't care what kind of guy the CEO of a company is...they care about their own experience with the products or services they've purchased.

There are exceptions though. There are companies, even large ones, that manage to inspire loyalty based on a personal feeling of connection to the company and its leaders...and the ways those leaders think and behave.

What made me admit this: Apple's home page has been changed to provide links to relief agencies in the wake of the Asian earthquake/tsunami disaster.

OK, call it a shameless ploy to inspire positive PR if you like.

But Micorosft didn't do it.
Intel didn't do it.
IBM didn't do it.
HP didn't do it.
Sun didn't do it.
Motorola didn't do it.
Oracle didn't do it.
Halliburton didn't do it (and God knows they could use the good PR.)

Apple did it, and it is part of what makes them feel different than other large companies.

Good for them. I bet Apple employees and Apple users like me feel good about that association right about now.

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