Saturday, March 26, 2005

When Worlds Collide: Blogging & Theatre

I mentioned my new client, Subvert Productions, a couple of weeks ago.

Heather Gold's one-woman show, I look like an EGG, but I identify as a COOKIE is this charming rumination about coming of age and coming out...all discussed while she bakes the audience chocolate chip cookies!

Around the same time I started working with Heather, the Chron had this article about food bloggers. I started reading some of them and saw this real synergy between what some of them about life, food and cooking...and what Heather does...gets on stage and talks about life, food and cooking.

In particular I felt a connection to Amy, the blogger/chef behind Cooking With Amy, one of the most popular food blogs out there.

Long story short, after just a tiny little nudge from me, Amy is going to be Heather's Guest Chef on Sunday April 3rd!

I feel like it's the Circle of Life, you know?

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