Friday, March 11, 2005

Site of the Week: New Client - Subvert Productions

Welcome to new Worker Bees client, Subvert Productions and their smash comedy hit, I Look Like an Egg, But I Identify As A Cookie.

You get live comedy and fresh-baked cookies...who could ask for a more perfect evening?

Heather Gold bakes cookies and talks about life, sometimes with guest bakers (!) in an intimate and interactive setting at the Hotel Rex in San Francisco. She's gotten rave reviews and the show has extended multiple times. It's now running through at least the end of April. She plays Sunday and Monday nights.

Worker Bees customers get 1/3 off all tickets by using the promotion codes described here.

They've also added a special new $10 ticket price for anyone showing a student ID.

Check out the URL for full details and to find quotes from her reviews, pictures from the show...even a trailer.

Hey, even Boing Boing called the show "damn funny!"

Check it out. There's a show this Sunday at 8PM. I'll be there, will you?

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