Tuesday, March 22, 2005

UPDATE: Tracking Bloghercon at Technorati and Del.i.cious (and Feedster)

OK, I give up.

Although I have been diligently trying to not only read every bit of reaction to Bloghercon out in the blog community (positive and negative of course) but to even comment on it here, I have reached my limit. I also have a business to run and a life besides.

So, I may continue to point to someone's pithy remarks and comment now and then, but mostly, now that I've been assimilated into the tagging crowd, I'm going to tag posts I think are relevant in del.i.cious.

You can find my Bloghercon-tagged posts here. There are 31 posts there so far. Bear in mind: not all of these mention Bloghercon specifically, some just reference the current drama swirling around the blogosphere about diversity (or lack thereof) in blogging...or rather lack of diversity in blogging voices that bubble to the top.

Phew. I feel better now. Talk about Information Overload!

UPDATE: As Scott Rafer so properly points out, you can also track at Feedster, here. (GIven I'm no Technorati fangirl, it's surprising I made that ommission.)

don't forget:

Scott Rafer
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