Friday, March 11, 2005

Reactions to Bloghercon...

...are coming in fast and furious.

-My partner-in-crime Lisa Stone (aka Surfette) and I are playing "tag, you're it" with our post references here.

-Halley gives us the briefest of plugs, but coming from her that's enough to have already given me multiple hits.

-Charlene Li from Forrester is well-known in the blogging community for shedding light on the impact of the blogopshere on the "real" world. She plugs Bloghercon, while adding not just a little bit of her own commentary here

-Chris Jablonski over at the DataPoint blog on zdnet. he saw it on Charlene's blog first.

-And one of Charlene's commenters writes his own post, which raises some valid, really, isn't all this linking crap going to become totally unimportant eventually? But I also think he misses some of the point. I tried to post a comment to the post. I'm not sure if it's moderated, or I just somehow screwed it up. So here's how I tried to respond: "Hi there: Thanks for posting about Bloghercon. It is exactly the first point I make in my Bloghercon post that the meme "where are the women" is frustrating because, as I put it: we are right here. Certainly WE don't wonder where the women are. It's not particularly the world of "personal publishing" I care about at all. Blogging is becoming regularly used as not just a personal publishing tool, but a marketing and communications and business tool. Blogs are being leveraged to get people business. That business might be writing, speaking, journalism, punditry, consulting gigs or just a new job in a given area of interest.
So, this is intended to be a very practical conference. We want to ask how women attending want to leverage their blogs, and then figure out how to help ourselves do that.

-Nancy White rises to our challenge of articulating how we would measure our success at her blog.

-Cabin Master mentioned Bloghercon, commented on our blogs, and pointed us to an earlier post she had written on blogging and women. She has a different view, perhaps more closely aligned with Roger above, that
women should blog if they want to blog, not blog if they don't want to, and screw the endless memes about women blogging!

-Elayne Riggs mentions it here and highlights a new reality of online communications: if you email someone and you don't want it blogged, you better say so!

-Dare mentions it here, and seems to miss the same point that Charlene's commenter above did. Look, WE KNOW there are tons of women bloggers. I think Dare raises an interesting point about other segmentation, though. In real life, race and gender are hard to hide. You can hide religion, nationality, sexual orientation. But they're going to know if you're black/Asian/Latino, and they're going to know if you're a chick. Online...if you choose to use your real name of course...race becomes a mystery, as do many other traits. Gender can much more often be identified simply by the name. Not sure where I'm going with that, just throwing it out there. BTW: Dare's site is kind of wigging out, but if you're patient it eventually loads.

-And last, but not least, Joe at Butts in the Seats doesn't plug Bloghercon, but does vow to finally add this blog to his blog roll, based on reading my Bloghercon post. I added him to mine immediately after we first started exchanging comments/post mentions. He didn't, and now he feels guilty. Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

"I tried to post a comment to the post. I'm not sure if it's moderated, or I just somehow screwed it up."

Neither. It's right where it's supposed to be, along with my reply. Sorry if it confused you... let me know if you have further problems.
Nah, it just didn't show up for a while. I saw it there some time later.

But your comment let me know that Blogger had cleared up their Commenting problem yesterday, so thanks for writing!
Oh dear, I'm so sorry Elisa, I thought your e-mail comment was so wonderful that you wouldn't mind me reproing it on my blog! I really should have asked; please forgive me!
No worries. I was just thinking it would induce a bunch of people to rain flames on me, but then I realized your readers are far too nice for that :)
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