Sunday, February 27, 2005

Direct Email vs. RSS feeds as marketing tool

Excellent scare-article from Pheedo (disclaimer: I know Bill Flitter and spoke to his Blogging Group in the East Bay last month.)

In it he outlines why direct email marketing has become increasingly inefficient and why RSS newsletters are the answer.

There's a lot of good info in this post, particularly in linking you to other, length and serious examinations of the issues.

I would only add one word of caution (again) to those who would have you kill email and adopt RSS-only marketing efforts: according to Pew only 5% of US online users currently use RSS aggregators.

That's still really small. I have no doubt the number will grow can't deny the simplicity and convenience of using such aggregation applications.

So, by all means, start an RSS program now...but take a couple of deep breaths before you decide it can replace any email marketing or newsletters you have.

Thanks for highlighting my post. Yes, I agree. Introduce RSS now. It will be awhile before RSS completely replaces your email newsletter. A point of clarification on the Pew study. The 5% represents those people who knowingly subscribe to RSS feeds. It does not take into account MyYahoo for example where most people have no idea the information is being fed through RSS. Yahoo alone has 2 million subscribers using RSS. 5% of the internet population would mean 6 million uses for RSS. I believe that number is grossly under estimated based on the size of the Yahoo numbers.
Good point about "knowingly" subscribing via RSS. Just like there are probably people reading blogs that don't realize they're reading a blog.

BTW: Bill's Blogging Group is via EBIG and you can find more info on it here:
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