Sunday, October 24, 2004

Newsday does a series on blogs, but...

...focuses solely on blogs for their personal pontification and punditry potential.

If you're considering a blog for business purposes, then you may have a myriad of applications in mind. I've covered many of them in previous posts:

Blog Applications #1-5: Political Punditry, Personal Publishing, Online Navel Gazing, Marketing & Customer Support Tool, Educational Tool
Blog Application #6: Project Management Tool

And depending on the app you care about, the point may not be to get 500K daily hits on your blog. The point may be to get the right 20 hits on your blog.

Too often blog pundits go on and on about how to get the most mass dissemination of your blog. This may be the right path if you're a mass market company. But it may be just a big waste of time if your target segment is a little smaller than 'everyone on the planet.'

I'd like to see Newsday do a piece on how blogs can be used as a marketing tool, not just as an ego-fueling tool.

And telling me in next week's piece that you can make money by placing ads on your blog isn't going to do it!

Part 1: Setting UP Your Blog
Part 2: Getting your Blog Noticed

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