Monday, August 23, 2004

Blog Application #6: Project Management Tool

Interesting blog entry over at MicroPersuasion yesterday.

Steve Rubell primarily tracks how "participatory" tools like blogs are impacting his traditional line of work, P.R., but here he brings an example of how Cornell University is using a blog to track, monitor and inform on the status of one of its web design projects.

It's a fascinating concept. And while I've discussed Blog Applications #1-#5 in an earlier entry, this is clearly one I hadn't considered...making it Blog Application #6.

They are posting screenshots, logo options, status etc. And they are soliciting feedback on same. They are communicating not only amongst the team members, but to the larger Cornell community.

Theoretically, blogs are open to the entire world (although you can restrict access if you really want to.) So obviously you might not want to use such a mechanism for group communication for highly sensitive or proprietary projects.

But, really, why wouldn't blogs become the perfect vehicle, the most economical and user-friendly vehicle for group communication...obsoleting sophisticated (read: expensive) enterprise software solutions?

And here's a little bonus: you might get some curious blogger like me running across your site and offering some unsolicited, but also unbillable free advice.

Obviously there are no inherent features in blog software today to do specific project management tasks such as Project Management applications perform. But I could see it easily replacing today's email-based team communication.

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