Saturday, June 26, 2010

Check it out, I'm in the first (business) Twitter Book!

Or at least I think it's the first.

Marketing Diva Toby Bloomberg invited me to be part of an odd little project that happened to turn out pretty cool:

Social Media Marketing GPS: A Guide to Social Media 1 Tweet at a Time

It's a free e-book, downloadable form, and she's gotten a slew of interesting social media practitioners to participate, tweeting on subject from Blogger Relations (my topic) to ethics, metrics and both strategy and tactics. You can read the chapter run-down over on Toby's introductory post.

Yes, we did conduct these Twitter conversations in our public Twitter streams, and Toby collected them and compiled them. And then she does add value by both giving context to the conversation you're about to read, by synthesizing the responses, and finally by asking leading questions that can help you take that information and apply it to your own business or initiative.

It's pretty fun to be part of something new and different, so thanks Toby for the opportunity, and congrats on an excellent, innovative outcome!

Download the book here.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you use video as part of a marketing strategy?

If so the Society for New Communications Research wants to understand what, why and how you're doing. You can take the (very manageable) survey here. (Disclosure: I'm a Founding Fellow of the SNCR.)

Doesn't matter if you're part of a B2B, B2C or non-profit, they're interested in learning more about video as a marketing and storytelling device for organizations. Here's the brief that accompanies the survey:

Research Project Overview
The Organizational Use of Video Storytelling will address the following questions:

How are organizations using and disseminating video today?
Who are the primary audiences for organizational storytelling using video?
What are primary reasons driving organizations’ video strategies, and how big a priority is it?
How has online video changed the ways organizations create and disseminate their stories?
What are the best practices in leveraging video to reach audiences in new ways, and what organizations are doing it well?
How are organizations using video podcasts, YouTube, and other online video platforms, and measuring the success of their video efforts?
What are the trends for online video as storytelling for the next 3-5 years?
How has this "video storytelling" changed the structure, content, and delivery of the “defining” organizational story?
Is the use of video changing the quality and transparency of organizations' stories?
What are the new rules for storytelling success when using online video?

Every organization has stories designed to communicate who they are to both external and internal audiences. Stories are a powerful force for internal innovation and external customer connection. The results of this study will yield insight into best practices for organizations wanting to leverage video to reach audiences and tell their stories in new ways.

Hope you'll help my colleagues out and take the survey if this is part of your work for an organization.

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