Saturday, June 26, 2010

Check it out, I'm in the first (business) Twitter Book!

Or at least I think it's the first.

Marketing Diva Toby Bloomberg invited me to be part of an odd little project that happened to turn out pretty cool:

Social Media Marketing GPS: A Guide to Social Media 1 Tweet at a Time

It's a free e-book, downloadable form, and she's gotten a slew of interesting social media practitioners to participate, tweeting on subject from Blogger Relations (my topic) to ethics, metrics and both strategy and tactics. You can read the chapter run-down over on Toby's introductory post.

Yes, we did conduct these Twitter conversations in our public Twitter streams, and Toby collected them and compiled them. And then she does add value by both giving context to the conversation you're about to read, by synthesizing the responses, and finally by asking leading questions that can help you take that information and apply it to your own business or initiative.

It's pretty fun to be part of something new and different, so thanks Toby for the opportunity, and congrats on an excellent, innovative outcome!

Download the book here.

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Elisa - Thanks for the shout out! While Social Media Marketing GPS (next time remind me to go with a shorter title!) is not the 1st book written via tweets, it is the 1st business book based on tweets; and in this case 40 Twitter interviews.

I know your community find a lot of value in your interview on Blogger Relations - chapter 8. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge .. it is fun to color outside the line .. as you know better than many!
Hi Toby, thanks for the clarification, I will change my over-exuberant post title :) Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it!
Elisa - Too funny .. but the 1st biz book not about but using Twitter as a content & distribution platform is pretty cool ;-) as are you!
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