Monday, January 26, 2009

BlogHer is a finalist for the Bloggies

In the category: Best Community Weblog (Isn't it cute how they still call them "weblogs"?)

There are so many blog awards programs now, but honestly a lot of them see designed more to drive traffic and links to their creators than to honor great blogging. The Bloggies have an interesting process, and have been around for a while, so we're thrilled to make the cut this year.

The awards will be given out at SXSW, which I'll be attending. (And actually I have to do a bit more research to figure out if they let winners know ahead of time, I'd assume so, but who knows?) Frankly, we're up against some sites with fanatical devotees, so I'm not holding my breath!

We really are thrilled just to be nominated, but if so inclined: please vote!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ladies Who Launch? Why, that would be me!

Thanks to the Ladies Who Launch for publishing this interview with me. I found their interest in and focus on how Jory, Lisa and I work together and manage to keep our partnership strong to be very refreshing and interesting.

Reporter Susie Lacey has a totally different and vibrant approach to telling BlogHer's story, which makes this a good read even if you thought you were sick of us :)

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Interview with me on "Purse Strings", a Webmaster Radio show

Last month I spent some time talking with Maria Reitan about BlogHer, our DC and Boston conferences, what's coming up for Chicago and women bloggers in general. A conversation like that could go on for hours, but we kept it to a reasonable amount of time.

You can check it out here.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Two terrific Conference List resources

If you're into tech, social media, blogging, feminism, marketing, and any number of inter-related topics, you'll want to check out these lists. (They did the work, so you won't have to...or me either.)

Susan Mernit's Ultra-Mega 2009 conference list

JD Lasica's 2009 conferences: Social media, tech, marketing

So far I expect to be at:

Women in Periodical Publishing in January (speaking)
She's Geeky in January (BlogHer is looking to sponsor)
Fem 2.0 in February (BlogHer is a convener, and I'll be speaking)
SXSW Interactive in March On Advisory Commitee and speaking)
What's Next Boomer Summit (speaking)
Anita Borg Women of Vision Awards in April (Was on nominating committee)
Blogging While Brown in June (BlogHer is a sponsor)
BlogHer in July (of course)

Not to mention Jory and Lisa are attending a bunch of other ones, as we divide and conquer.

Wow. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about all of that, now that I see it all listed like that.

BTW, WIPP, Boomer Summit and BLogging While Brown weren't on Susan's list...what other events are you going to that aren't mentioned?

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Experiment: My first Flip Interview - Maria Niles on the Financial Bailout

So, inspired partly by being interviewed by the intrepid Emily Goligoski for the Women 2.0 project, I bought myself a FlipCam over the holidays...just the lowest cost model.

And here is my first video interview: a 6.5 minute snippet of a longer interview with social media and branding consultant (and general knows-alot-about-everything guru) Maria Niles from Consumer Pop. Maria explains a bit about the financial bailout, and how it's different from the auto industry loans that were being requested.

One thing I can tell from this experiment? I need a tripod. Sometimes it gets a little too Blair Witch Project with the shaky feed. I guess I would occasionally get tired and shuft my arm.

Still, I loved the ease shooting it, and I actually used QuickTime Pro to edit it down. I will try to use Flip's own software for such work next time. Thinking it might allow you to edit snippets together more easily. All I did in this case was cut off the ending.

Anyway, it was a fun, impromptu thing to do, and I hope I'll be able to bring you other smart people talking about important things now that I have my easy peasy Flip.

(And yes, I totally did think about writing Smart People Talking About Important Thingsā„¢)

Update: OK, from Quicktime this video was over 100 MB, so after uploading for ages, it got rejected because Blogger has a 100MB limitation. I had to go in and reduce the quality (i.e. compress it further) to get it below 100MB, so it could be uploaded. I'm sure there's a better way. Next time.

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