Saturday, May 02, 2009

This should not be a controversial post

It is my belief that images of porn don't belong in a technical talk at a conference.

It is my belief that video of ever-more-scantily-clad women servicing adolescent-minded grown men doesn't belong in a business model talk at a business conference.

And yet the former happens.

And the latter happens.

In this decade, not the 70s.

And what's worse than those things happening, is that the reaction to those who dare to say "Hey, that is not OK" hasn't changed much over the years. It is still some variant of "Don't be a humorless, uptight, feminist."

Well, this proud, humorless, uptight feminist wants you to know this: If you can't make your point, your case, your argument, without tossing in a little objectification of women...your point, your case, your argument is probably weak.

And if you can't hold an audience's attention without tossing in some sexisim with a side of offensiveness, then you are probably not that great a speaker. You'd be better off working on your own skillz to make up for that. Just a thought: Self-improvement over the denigration of "others".

Just a thought. Just my advice. Take it or leave it. But can you disagree with it?

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