Saturday, May 09, 2009

Smart People Talking About Important Things: Tara Hunt

OK, so I haven't quite turned my Smart People Talking about Important Thingsā„¢ idea into a series yet, but here's video #2.

I attended a lovely book launch party for Tara Hunt and her newly-published tome, The Whuffie Factor, yesterday evening.

Before cutting to the very creatively decorated cake (picture at the end for my foodie friends) Tara spoke a bit about whuffie and answered a couple of questions from the friends gathered there.

She very kindly cited BlogHer as an example of one of her key steps to building whuffie (Step #3, Embrace the Chaos!) and I also learned yesterday that she quotes me in the book! I'm quite proud and flattered.

It was great to see Eugene Kim and Adina Levin, both of whom I haven't seen in ages. And great to meet Nilofer Merchant, the hostess, and a prominent leader in the Valley.

And it was great to hear Tara talk about whuffie for about 10 minutes:

Oh, and as promised, the awesome cake:

It was great seeing you there, Elisa! Glad we figured out how to pronounce, "hegemony." ;-)
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