Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interview with NCWIT: Love, passion, beauty and poetry in social media

A couple of weeks ago Lucy Sanders, CEO and Co-Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT founding board member Larry Nelson interviewed me about social media, BlogHer and entrepreneurship. it will eventually be on the NCWIT site as part of their series on Entrepreneurial "Heroes", but for now it's posted on the W3W3 network. [Blog post] [MP3]

I'm actually really pleased with the's a pretty comprehensive look at my background and philosophy!

Up until about the 5 minute mark it's about BlogHer, then at the 5 minute mark I launch into my description about why social media, including blogs and Twitter, is so powerful and important. That's where I talk about love, passion, beauty and poetry!

Larry and Lucy asked some interesting questions about what has been "hard", about "balance" and even about the future...and I enjoyed waxing verbose about it all.

The whole interview is about 24 minutes long, so please check it out here.

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