Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm back, and with lots of impending speaking gigs

Hi everyone, After four weeks of travel and then frenzied preparation and two weeks of real, live, honest-to-God vacation: I am back. I can honestly say that this was the longest vacation I have ever taken while employed, even self-employed. I think I was mostly successful at not checking in to work, not thinking too much about work and certainly not doing any work. (It's stopping the thinking about it that is the hardest.)

I'm back just in time, though, because there is a lot going on!

First of, of course, BlogHer '09 is starting to loom on the horizon. We announced the schedule and a significant majority of the speakers, and are adding more every day, as you can see by checking out the agenda. I can officially tell you that I think we'll sell out quite early this year...ticket sales are going like gangbusters, so there is work, work, work to be done!

But in addition, March/April seems to be the speaking season for me.

Starting tomorrow evening, March 4th, when I'll talk about "Blogging for Business...How Blogging Became my Business" for the Silicon Valley Chapter of the eWomenNetwork.

More details and info on how to sign up is here.

Next comes a biggie: I'll be taking my "Love and Underpants" show on the road at SXSW Interactive on Monday March 16th. If you'll be in Austin with me, 3000 geeks and the bats, give a holla!

I return home and leave two days later for Vegas Baby, to speak at the Boomer Summit about building online community (and how Boomers are actually out in force online).

Luckily my next gig requires no travel, as I'll be speaking on leveraging social media for self-advancement for the Invent Your Future Conference, right here in Santa Clara.

Finally at the very end of April I expect to be in Chicago for the Marketing to Women Conference. BlogHer is doing its annual refresh of our Social Media Benchmark Study, and I'll be unveiling some results there!

So, I never planned to have the Spring be so jam-packed, and after only a couple of days my vacation already seems like a lifetime away, but there you have it. That's what I'm up to for the foreseeable future.

Will I see any of you at any of those places?

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Can't wait to learn more about Love and Underpants.
It's just as fascinating as it sounds ;)
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