Saturday, March 21, 2009

Audio interview with Dan Patterson/ABC News Radio

As per usual, had an energy-intensive tome at this year's SXSW. There were some great parts and, as 'm sure happens to people at BlogHer too, there were some times I was kicking myself for missing one panel for another...and questioning my choices.

I also did a few interviews while there, which I'll post as they go live. Had a great time talking to Dan Patterson from ABC News Radio. He also spoke on a panel on the Intersection of Politics, Technology and Pop Culture. My favorite moment of that panel was when Dan handily dismissed another panelist's argument that "Twitter etc. have gotten so full of noise. (IMagine that uttered with elitist ennui.) As Dan so rightly pointed out: These apps are enabling great things to happen. Meanwhile, we control the noise. If you don't like noise, don't follow the noise maker. (I'm paraphrasing here.)

Dan also told me that he once worked for musician Tom Waits, so we had some fun talking about Waits and his music and his general interestingness as a person and artist.

Oh, yeah, and Dan interviewed me about BlogHer.

It's a very efficient and information-packed few minutes.

Enjoy :)

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Elisa, it was great to speak with you as well. I really appreciated your time and insight. And, I do hope that we can keep the great conversations rolling! Thanks again.
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