Monday, December 29, 2008

Who wants bias? I do! I do!

Just a quick link to Louis Gray's post: Bias, Bias and More Bias. I Haz It. So Do You..

I like it. We do indeed all have bias, and while striving to be objective is a worthy pursuit, the question is how to we deal with the fact that none of us can really completely eradicate our biases. Well, I recently had a long discussion with an analyst, and I said it that how to deal with it really comes down to context and disclosure.

If you disclose enough for your readers' satisfaction, you're probably OK. And if the content you're publishing is relevant and appropriate to the context in which you're publishing it, your readers will probably be OK with that too.

One size does not fit all, because, I will repeat: There is not one blogosphere; there are many. What is good for the personal journal blogging goose may not be good for the journalistic blogging goose or the business consulting blogging good...and vice versa versa.

Context and disclosure.

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