Monday, November 03, 2008

Today is Email Bankruptcy Day

As I've mentioned before, I've started a new policy that does nothing but make me feel falsely less burdened once per month.

On the first business day of every month I take everything left in my email Inbox, create a new folder for it, and move all those emails into it.

If it's in my Inbox that means I believe I should respond or take action on it...I'm a filer, not a piler, so the Inbox is my "Action" folder. But now, I have a string of "Action" folders by month of all the actions I just couldn't get to. That I should get to, that I want to get to, absolutely. But that I haven't gotten to and don't know if I ever will.

Now, sometimes while on a plane or in some other "trapped" situation I do go through all the old month's Action folders. I've actually managed to eliminate some months. It's not all that pretty though. Right now it looks like this:

2007: 185 messages
February '08: 46 messages
April '08: 11 messages
July '08: 36 messages
August '08: 1 message
September '08: 13 messages
October '08: 52 messages

For a grand total of: 344 messages that were at one point touched, read, and determined to be worthy of a response from me :(

See what I mean about creating a false sense of less burden?


If you're waiting for a response form me to an email from before today, i suggest pinging me again.

And let me just apologize, in advance, for my egregiously delayed reply!

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Well, I don’t have any idea about Email Bankruptcy Day. What is it??
At least once a quarter, and sometimes once a month, I move everything from my Inbox into a dated folder. I make sure I have actually read or reviewed each email...i don't move emails that have never been read. And I declare email bankruptcy and let people know that they should ping me again if they're waiting for an important response from me.
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