Sunday, November 09, 2008

Audio interview with me from Marketing & Online Communities event

Bryan Person from Live World conducted a brief (~10 minute) interview with me, post-presentation at the Marketing & Online Communities Conference in NYC last week.

In but 10 minutes we covered a lot of ground, though, as Bryan's show notes reveal:

Show notes:

* Elisa recounts the genesis of the BlogHer conference and the launch of and BlogHerAds.
* Elisa talks about the motivation of many mommy bloggers to leave behind a digital legacy for their children and future descendants.
* Elisa notes the overwhelming percentage of women who consider blogs as a reliable source of information, and who make decisions to buy and not to buy based on what a blogger or blog commenter writes. (Check out the BlogHer 2008 Social Media Benchmark Study [PDF] for more details.)
* Elisa offers advice to brands and PR professionals wanting to pitch bloggers.
* Elisa shares her top takeaways from the conference.

It's a pretty efficient run-down, so check it out if you are so inclined.

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