Wednesday, October 01, 2008

BlogHer Wins Anita Borg Social Impact Award, help us spend the prize money!

Today over at BlogHer, I announced that BlogHer has won the Anita Borg Social Impact Award.

The Award "honors an individual or team that has caused technology to have a positive impact on the lives of women and society or has caused women to have a significant impact on the design and use of technology."

The Award was also a complete surprise because, while we had been nominated in previous years, we did not know that they roll such nominations over and were even considering us this year.

The Award comes with $10,000 in award money, and we're asking the BlogHer community what to do with that money. We came up with some starter ideas, and we hope the community comes up with even smarter ideas.

Lisa, Jory and I are honored to accept this award, which is exactly what I'll be doing on our behalf tomorrow in Colorado at the annual Grace Hopper Celebration. I'm also supposed to give a presentation on our work the following day, but I'll do what I always do: Show the amazing work going on out in the blogosphere: women using their blogs as platforms for personal, professional, political and global change.

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