Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This Month's Silicon Veggie: Don't judge a book by its cover

This month's Silicon Veggie column is about a restaurant whose decor was a bit tired, a bit uninspiring, and therefore gave me a feeling I would have a bad experience. Or at least a bland one.

They proved me wrong, which of course goes to show you can't judge a book but its cover.

But shouldn't your cover not give people the impression they'd be better of staying away to begin with?

Sure, renovations cost money, and particularly for we small business owners spending money can be tough. But frankly, it wouldn't have cost this restaurant a penny to just remove the dusty granny curtains they had, and it owuld have made a huge difference.

So, what's your cover, and what does it say about you? If you're online, I suppose your cover is your web site. And if you're not taking advantage of the kind of tools that exist now that allow you to make your web site more dynamic, more personalized and more conversatonal...then I'd say you're going to have the same bias to overcome that the restaurant in my review did.

So there!


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