Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good for Google

I am all for taking a stand.

I am all for saying that sometimes it is totally OK to be political and a businessperson at the same time.

I am all for deciding where your boundaries are, and living with the consequences.

That's why I applaud Google for taking a public stand on California's Proposition 8. This is the proposition that would deny the right to marry that has recently been established here in California for same-sex partnerships.

Some of my friends and colleagues have taken advantage of this new right.

And those who would steal away their joy and ask them to cede the same rights my husband and I have are going to fail this time. I feel confident.

So, I stand with Google in taking a stand against Proposition 8.

How about you?

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Hear, hear! :-)

(I really have nothing else to add.)
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