Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This Month's Silicon Veggie

Yes, i am still writing my monthly column in the Silicon Valley Metro about being a vegan. It seems to come last on my list, and often I find myself going to bed writing the column in my head, getting up and writing it out in <30 minutes and turning it in...all on the last possible day.

So, why keep doing it. I'm sure any of you who have written for an alternative weekly know that I'm not in the money. Well, i still feel like it's an awesome opportunity to reach a pretty wide circulation, talking about something in which I believe most passionately.

This is a lesson for life, and it's a lesson for business:

If you are passionate you often find a way to make it work.

I've always thought when someone in a budding relationship broke it off saying they didn't have space or time for a relationship, that it was just the person's way of letting the other down easy.

I've always thought that most people show you what they really care about by what they manage to finish, despite all odds. It's amazing what I do manage to complete...and sometimes revealing what tasks get carried over from week to week. Which blogs don't get updated.

So yes, I am still writing Silicon Veggie, and here is this month's: The Lazy Vegan


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