Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two cool BlogHer things-one of which you can vote on

Two way cool things happened to BlogHer this week.

The first is that we're one of the nominees for the FastCompany Fast 50 Reader's Choice.

What's that, you ask? Here's how they describe it:

Every year Fast Company magazine highlights the most innovative companies worldwide that take business to new creative heights. features additional companies, nominated by our readers, that also embody these ideals. Below are all the nominees for the Reader Favorites. Read the entries, rate them, and comment on them. On July 15 the editors of will determine the 50 most innovative reader favorites based on overall user feedback and rating.

So, feel free to check it out and, oh yeah, guess I should mention it: VOTE.

The second is just craaaazy.

This blog called NxE (stands for North x East) decided to publish their list of the 50 most influential women bloggers.

I cannot even tell you where BlogHer falls...because if you're like me you will do a double-take and spit out your coffee. In a totally good way.

That's right, check it!

People are of course bringing up all sorts of women who should be on the list (which is the problem with any such list) but hey, I'm going to decide to be happy about being on it anyway. And to my knowledge, no, I don't know the guys who run this site.

So, nice week for BlogHer, and a nice way to go into conference week.

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