Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some cool BlogHer-related contests...especially if you're looking for a free trip to the conference

There are always cool things going on over at BlogHer, so I don't often write about them, but with the BlogHer '08 annual conference less than 60 days away I thought I'd make sure you were aware of some of the related contests and opportunities to get your BlogHer on with a little help from our sponsors.

The first post to check out that outlines four different ways to win passes and/or travel expenses to BlogHer is here. BlogHer event manager Kristy Sammis outlines the details and tells you how to participate in these 3 contests/offers:

1. Win a free conference pass, plus hotel and airfare vouchers by sharing your secrets to getting your kids to eat healthy. Details here. (This one is sponsored by Ragu.)

2. Nominate your BlogHer Hero and qualify them to win two passes and trips. Details here. (This one is sponsored by Wiley.)

3. Sign up to get a hybrid vehicle to drive to and from BlogHer, including having your gas paid for! Details here. (This one is sponsored by GM.)

Finally, sponsor CafePress is providing the tote bags for our conference, and we're holding a contest to add a tagline to the tote, along with your blog name and URL. This one is more about fun and self-promotion than about winning something of monetary value, but it is like getting free advertising on 1,000 bags that will be carried by a bunch of cool bloggers, and really if this were a MasterCard commercial I'd be saying "Priceless" right now. Propose your tagline here.

There may be even more contests and drawings coming, but if you're still trying to figure out how to get your butt to BlogHer, hopefully some of the above might help.

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