Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blink and you'll miss me

But if you don't blink, you'll see me utter three words...that's right three words...on this morning's Today Show:

The film actually is over a month old, from when Today attended BlogHer Business. I'm always utterly amazed that the MSM can take a pithy, substantive 10-minute interview and boil it down to, literally, three words.

I'm also a little amazed that not only didn't they ID me (not surprising, since I spoke for literally one second...or three words...but also didn't ID the marvelous Maria T. Bailey or Lindsay Lebresco (both BlogHer Business speakers, i'd like to point out) who got to say like 20 or 30 words!

I don't get that.

And don't get me started on Kathie Lee Gifford disapprovingly judging Blogher '08 keynoter Heather Armstrong about writing about her kids. On the internets. With her computer thingy. That the WHOLE WORLD can find.

I lived in NYC in the late 80s, and I actually watched Regis and Kathie Lee every morning. I knew a little TMI about Cody, let's just say that and leave it at that, shall we?

Hello kettle? You're black.

Anyway, I'm learning to deal with the fact that I don't even get 15 minutes, I get but 1 second (or three words!) of fame.

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You're not kidding. Kathie Lee was killing me with her hypocrisy. It wasn't just television, it was BOOKS with her kids, too. Ugh. And what's up with the cross-talking and talking over your guest when they try to answer your questions? Great hostess skills, KLG.
Oh Elisa! To think I was so completely stressed out about that interview for a week leading up to it for 5 seconds! That's the way these things go I guess. Thanks for thinking I was marvelous! :)
I know Lindsay, it's always that way.

Oh, and good point Belinda...she was very rude too!
I think I blinked, because I didn't see you! Ooops! That's great that they covered the BlogHer Business conference. I'm looking forward to learning more about the regional conference in Boston. And thank you for dropping by my blog. : )
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