Sunday, March 23, 2008

A very odd pitch to bloggers

I've been working with a fine panel of influential bloggers on a panel they'll be presenting at both BlogHer Business and the Women Who Tech Telesummit entitled "Improve This Pitch."

I got a really quite strange pitch from a local PR person that I've done some work with/for, and who generally seems pretty savvy about the social media space. I'm on his media list and if I so desired I could be getting access, purely because I (not too regularly) blog about local theatre, to a host of events for which he does the PR.

This one, though, has me shaking my head and dying to know how it turns out.

So, they're hosting a party at a local San Francisco tourist attraction and inviting bloggers. Bloggers who sign up will get a special tour of the attraction and a party, complete with food and drink. So far, so cool, despite a slight over-reliance on puns and "clever" language in the pitch.

But here's the catch: Before you show up for the party you have to have already written about this attraction. Sure, that could have happened organically, but if it hasn't, you can feel free to write about it now, so you have something published about it before the party.

They use the language "set up a blog about xxx" before the date of the party. I'm pretty sure they must mean blog post, because surely they don't expect someone to create an entire blog solely about this tourist attraction just to go to a party. What would be the point of that or even the benefit of having a bunch of abandoned one-post blogs created?

The night of the party, they plan to have laptops with internet access set up, so attendees can record their "thoughts, images and videos" in real-time.

The pitch then continues with lots and lots and lots of facts and information about the attraction.

I am really curious if they'll get a ton of bloggers signing up for this. I am really curious if any of them will really want to blog from the party via the laptops provided. I am wondering if a post simply saying, "Hey, i got invited to a party at xxx" will count, or if they expect you to incorporate the copious information they provided.

I mean, if it works, I guess it's a great idea for any kind of similar attraction that wants to, perhaps, broaden its audience. But it does require the bloggers to jump through some hoops, and I'm not sure how many will say "how high."

What do you think?


Wow, that's asking a lot. Usually won't they just give you a free pass and ask you to blog about it either a promo before or a review afterwards? Do you know how it went?
I find the use of "blog" to mean "post" annoying, but I see it often and I'm worried it's going to take over.

Not that this was your main point. ;)
talking about asking a lot.
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