Saturday, March 15, 2008

Please take the BlogHer survey

Twice a year BlogHer does a survey to figure out who is reading the blogs in our advertising network. This helps us understand what topics you all are writing and reading about, and what kinds of activities, information and yes, ads, you enjoy (and don't enjoy) online.

The survey is about 15 minutes long, but it's all about you and what you love to do online, so I found it was pretty easy and fun to take.

Another interesting thing we're doing this time around is having a survey company conduct the same survey with a recruited sample that represents the general U.S. women's population. So not only will we get an update on data about the folks who visit the blogs in our network, but we'll also get to compare their responses to "regular folk" who may not be quite a web/tech savvy as the blog-reading population. I'm personally pretty excited to see the data.

So, please take the survey, pretty please?

Oh, and we will be drawing three random winner from the folks who compelte the survey and choose to enter, and those winners will be able to get a free pass to the BlogHer event of their choice. So, there's a carrot right there.

Thanks, and now we'll be back to our (somewhat) regularly scheduled programming.


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