Friday, March 07, 2008

Me. On Podcast. At TechRepublic.

Talking to awesome tech blogger Sonja Thompson.

Listen to it here.

Learn everything you'd ever want to know about BlogHer's conference plans in 2008.

(Or at least everything I know right now, given we haven't announced any programming for the summer conference yet. I just drop egregious hints about cool keynote speakers.)

Thanks Sonja!

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Hey gal! I am working on trying to get some info on blgher scholarships. I need yr email. Merci! I have been at this for months and months- ask jenny....xoxoxoxo Aidez moi?
Hi Amy.

The post that describes what BlogHerships are and how to get one is here.

It's Kristy Sammis who should get your email:
kristy at blogher dot com

Good luck.
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