Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lisa Stone at Harvard illustrating the very reason marketers have job security!

Last week BlogHer partner Lisa Stone spoke at Harvard University as part of the Berkman Center's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Her subject: How Candidates and Companies Help...and Hurt...Themselves with Women Online

Lisa posted the transcript here, and Steve Garfield kindly posted video he took (over his cell phone no less) here.

And I blogged about some of the disparate reaction here.

We've seen this week alone how a slight to just a couple of bloggers can turn into an Internet brouhaha. So why even try? Oh, for a host of reasons. Because women are the target consumer for just about every product out there. They control something like $.85 of every household dollar spent. They talk to one another...and share their experiences, positive and negative, with products, services, just about everything.

Personally, I would think marketers would be thrilled at the opportunity that social media and marketing to women participating in social media provides. In a world where building relationships and customizing approaches is becoming so very granular, human beings are going to be ever more important to the process. Talk about job security!

Sure, it's change. Change is scary. Fear can be paralyzing. But it's also a new challenge, and don't our brains and our spirits just die without those?

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