Saturday, March 22, 2008

BlogHer discount for FWE & E event this Tuesday

BlogHer Lena West is speaking at the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs & Executives Social Networking Half-Day Conference, this Tuesday March 25th at Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

She has very kindly secured a discount just for BlogHers (or, really, anyone reading my blog.)

Use the code BLOG325 when registering here, and you can get $50 off the regular price. (That's 20% off.)

Why would you want to go? Well, besides Ms. Lena, the other speakers include Gina Bianchini from Ning and Robin Wolaner from TeeBeeDee (also speaking at BlogHer Business. And quite a few others.

So, if you're local and you're interested, check it out and get your discount!

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