Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The other shoe drops on WaPo/RIAA story

Meaning, the WaPo admits they mis-reported. (Hat tip: c|net)

This was the brouhaha created (and perpetuated by bloggers like me) when the WaPo contended that the RIAA was now saying that it was "stealing" to simply rip a copy of a legally obtained CD and have a copy on your own computer or mp3 player for personal use.

To be fair, several bloggers questioned the WaPo's "interpretation" from the beginning, which other bloggers like me reported.

I have to say, correction or no correction, that most of what I said in my original ranty reaction post is still true. The RIAA is trying to ignore reality and they and the labels have missed a huge opportunity to ride the wave of digital music, not be pounded into the rocks by its onslaught.

They make avid music consumers like me feel very anti-music industry. Which can't be good.

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