Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh, speaking of the iPhone

Today between meetings I killed about an hour in a Starbucks.

While in the store a song came on that I both didn't know and did like. And damned if I didn't buy it via my iPhone. And when I got home, damned if it didn't synch right up to my computer just as advertised.

I have to say that was not at all a service I thought I would use. I'm typically a stop-in-occasionally, get-my-soy-latte, and move-on-to-my-next-destination kind of gal. But I am also a music-loving, instant-gratification kind of gal. For anyone the least bit like me they barrier is so low as to be non-existent. With literally 3 quick pokes at the touch screen I found out what the song was and bought it, and with the WiFi connection it downloaded pretty quickly. oh, and of course it's $.99, which after spending $3.60 on a soy latter seems kinda negligible.

Now, i could get grumpy with myself for being such a predictable consumer. Or I could praise them for coming up with a good idea.

I will do the latter, so I can continue to consider myself a discerning consumer :)

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Ha. I'm now again thankful that I live in a tiny little city in Florida where entering a Starbucks with an iPhone or iPod Touch does not immediately provide me (or my daughter) with music download opportunities.

I think I would mostly be immune but Michelle Belle is already raving about how cool this feature is for her iPod Touch - and she's never even experienced the opportunity to try it out.

I am soooo not showing her this blog post of yours and if you're ever enticed to download a song while in Starbucks, don't blog about it. I'd like to somehow convince her that this is horrible targeted marketing thus saving her bank account from spur of the moment purchases. ;-)
Don't worry, Denise, they are coming for you. I'm sure even your little Floridian hamlet will soon have this feature, and you will be powerless in its wake! Or at least Michelle will be.
But - importantly, what was the song?
I TOTALLY want an iPhone, but I don't think Santa is listening to me this year.

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