Friday, November 02, 2007

Shameless Plug: Voting open for Weblog Awards...

And BlogHer is nominated for Best Online Community.

You can vote here.

And you can vote once per day.

So, if so inclined, please do.

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You've got my vote...

I need your help, though.

Please see the battle I'm fighting to get a man who advocates violence against women off blogger. could you do a post and encourage your readers to sign my petition to end the hate? Thank you. Robin Steele
In my Gender Studies course this week, we were discussing the various male-dominated anti-violence organizations, and I remember saying that I couldn't imagine why any man would want to join one.

But then, of course, I went to your website and realized that there is nothing there, so maybe I'm right!

Anyway, I'm interested in how this blog is going about doing promotion. I run several blogs and am investigating different types of online marketing - Artemis, Glyphius, Nemeas, etc. - all of which have helped me hone my content and promote a much stronger identity.

How are you doing it? I'd also love to hear how other people are making a success of their website. Thanks!
Hi Costas,
I've used Artemis Pro for all of my submissions lately and I'm getting tons of traffic with it. You need to check it out.
Yeah, I'm using Artemis Pro, too. I got so exhausted doing manual submissions of all my stuff that I had essentially given up doing it. I had stopped advertising. What an idiot I am. Anywho, I started up with Artemis Pro and life is a lot easier for me now. Lots more time to do work!
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