Saturday, October 27, 2007

BlogHer one of the 100 most "informative" blogs

According to an award-winning paper presented by Carnegie-Mellon Computer Science grad students, BlogHer is #19 on a list of 100 most informative blogs.

What do they mean by "informative"? Well, the goal was to determine which blogs one should read if one wants to stay the most informed about what's going on, and one wants to only read 100 blogs.

How did they determine this? Well, you got me. You can go read their paper and methodology. There is much math, many formulas and algorithms, and I am not ashamed to confess that it's over my head. it's also based on data collection from 2006, so obviously things would change if they re-did the study next year for 2007. Given that BlogHer has only grown and gotten more informative, don't think we'd sink in the standings :)

First person who can explain it to me in plain English wins the prize. What prize? you caught me. I got no prize. but you will impress your friends and bloggy neighbors!

Bottom line: I think this is a cool thing that came totally out of the blue and, yes, validates that BlogHer's mission to shine a light on what's going on out n the blogosphere must be working a bit.


A prize? How about being blogged by a BlogHer CE? 'Cause I bet that would totally happen.
I m surprised to know more what you are discussing about BlogHer.
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