Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lessons in bad practices

I've been trying to figure out a way to let invitees to my impending wedding RSVP via our wedding web site. I actually assumed that someone must have come up with an RSVP widget, but apparently not.

Today I was browsing the widget galleries on both Typepad and at Widgetbox and came across a series of widgets by a company that seems to have almost what I needed, FormLogix.

Here's my issue: When I'm "previewing" your widget at WidgetBox, and when I am still far from clicking the button "Get Widget" I really don't appreciate you asking for my email address to use in the preview, and then automatically signing me up for an account with you and sending me an email with a temporary password.

I don't like that practice at all.

It makes me feel I was duped.

But, let's say I'm willing to forgive you and go visit your site and check out your offerings, because your contact form widgets don't seem to be customizable to what I want, but your site promises a "free form builder". Let's say I try to log in with the info you created without my asking for it.

I think it compounds your corporate annoyance factor by saying that account I didn't ask for isn't activated, causing me to click another link which tells me I should have gotten an activation email, but if I didn't I could enter my info again to get one.


I feel like I must be missing some obvious answer to how to gather RSVPs on my blog. I've gotten everything from "set up an evite" to "Create a MySQL database that talks to a PHP form via PERL scripts."

I just want a widget, is that so wrong?



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