Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Going to ConvergeSouth in Greensboro, NC, how about you?

It's already turning out to be a busy fall, and here is just one cool thing going on. I'm heading out to tech-mecca and grassroots haven Greensboro, NC to keynote/speak at ConvergeSouth next month.

Greensboro has the reputation of being one of the most lively and engaged blogging communities out there, and ConvergeSouth is the place where all those highly active bloggers come together. Similar to SXSW, ConvergeSouth features a film festival and a music element as well. You gotta check out the entire slate of activities at their site.

Here's the Saturday schedule when both my keynote discussion and panel (with uber-cool Anil Dash) takes place.

And here's where you go to register.

I've heard tell of this very creative and energizing conference for a few years now, so I'm thrilled they invited me to come sample that energy in person! I hope some of you might join me.

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looking forward to seeing you again, elisa. if you have any ideas for the panel with anil be sure to ping me. i might try to setup a brief call with the two of you beforehand if the thought doesn't blow our down south casualness right out of the water. ;-)
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