Sunday, July 01, 2007

The iPhone: Should I or shouldn't I?

Maybe I'm jaded, but does it seem to anyone else that people have expectations for Apple products that defy reality?

Oh my God, it's not's the downfall of western civilization, no?

When I got my Treo (still the worst technology purchase I ever made) my life sucked for weeks. I'm currently on my third actual device, which still needs to be rebooted by removing the battery almost every day at least once, but at least is better than the first two devices I had. There was some hiccup with outgoing email that took 2 weeks to fix.

I'm not saying that is the standard one should shoot for, but it does remind us that dealing with the big carriers is pretty much miserable most of the time. You only need to search on terms like Cingular sucks (over 13K hits) and Verizon sucks (over 22K hits) to verify that :)

And web surfing and web-based email on the Treo? Useless most of the time. Can't see images, many of the links don't automatically work etc. etc.

So, my S.O. went to an Apple store at 6:30PM on Friday night and was in and out of there with 2 iPhones in 90 minutes. He did have a hiccup activating the phone part, but the rest of the iPhone was actually working just fine while he was waiting. And now it's all set, and it's pretty damn cool.

He bought a second one in case I wanted it. I switched from Cingular to Verizon originally because the coverage in our house from Cingular (now AT&T) is pretty flaky, and my mobile phone is my business phone. He definitely is getting better coverage inside the house than I used to get with my old crappy phone, so it could be worth the risk.

And I loathe my Treo, so no big loss there.

So should I go for it?

I'm a little scared of the coverage issue. I'm a little scared of losing all of my Palm data. And I'm a little reluctant to pay the penalty for canceling my Verizon account early. I am literally 18 months away form the end of my contract date!

Should I just start a new number, maybe just for personal use?


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Sooo jealous! I've been trying to decide if I should hold off replacing my laptop for another year, and get an iPhone. It would help to not have to lug my laptop everywhere just to read my email, but I'm hesitant to upgrade my phone plan to include the data time I would need.

But the iPhone is beautiful...
I have to say that having a device that downloads your email gets a big thumbs up from me. I don't send email much form the Treo (that keyboard is hell on earth) but I know what's going on, sometimes I make phone calls to respond (and talk to real live humans, how cool is that?) and just generally feel much more plugged in and on top of things. It's a beautiful thing.
Soooooo? How is it? How does it feel?
I'm living vicariously through you right now and if you do decide to keep the iphone, can I please touch it? Thanks.
Oh, Heather, it is beautiful, as one would imagine. And yes, I think I will let you touch it :)
Same here:

Palm Treo 700p: worst technology purchase ever.

Verizon contract for coverage after ATT/Cingular, um, inadequacy.

My contract runs out on Halloween. (Tip: Never ever buy something important on Halloween.) I'm thinking I'll just hold out until then.
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