Thursday, July 05, 2007

I decided to keep the iPhone...and the loathsome Treo

I did it. I decided to keep the iPhone for my very own. My precious. (Yeah, I'm SO far from the first to use that reference, I know.)

I started a new low-end account with AT&T with a new number, and am keeping my Treo for business use.

For now anyway.

That is how beautiful the iPhone is. I am going to start a new phone number and service provider relationship just to have it.

The question is whether I'll keep two phones: one entirely for business and one entirely for personal.

Or whether I'll discover the iPhone does indeed get good enough coverage to use in my house and does indeed work as a business tool, even if it doesn't synch to my years of Palm data.

Will I be a 2-phone gal or a 1-phone gal? Either way, I guess now I'm an iPhone gal.

It's preciousssss


LOL your precious. You are funny. Can I fondle it at BlogHerCon07?
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