Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Interview on Folksonomy.org

Today I am a Featured Female Entrepreneur of the Week at Folksonomy.org.

Thanks to Sian Liu from Folksonomy.org for being so patient as I got it together to respond to their questions about entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurs.

Oddly, the most difficult questions for me were about inspiration and motivation. I'm so used to people asking data-driven and sometimes even philosophical questions about the state of women, industry, blogging etc. But I'm rarely asked to wax all personal about it. And I wouldn't say, despite all my blogging, that such musings are my strong suit. you'll have to turn to my partner Jory Des Jardins for that!

Anyway, the bottom line of this interview, for me, was to make the point that overcoming systemic obstacles or barriers-to-entry for women or any other group of people who have been historically on the outside looking in is not only society's issue, but individual people's issue too.

You can talk all you want about systemic or societal problems, but if you are a hiring manager, or a conference organizer, or an editorial director etc., you have the personal power to do something about improving diversity, and you should.

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