Saturday, May 05, 2007

I fought the blawg, and the blawg won

Here's a great blog post from AvivaDirectory about current U.S. law and how it applies to blogging. Note that what is legal doesn't always encompass everything that's ethical or moral.

There's stuff here on copyright protection (in both directions, i.e. protecting your own and respecting others.)

There's stuff here on how to go after someone who steals your content, on how to properly disclose, what kind of linking might get you in trouble, how to incorporate images properly and much much more.

Very comprehensive, very useful. And an interesting angle to speak directly and specifically about which U.S. laws apply in each of the 12 circumstances outlined. Sometimes the lack of legal precedent is surprising, and accepted cultural behavior is actually way beyond the law.

But if you're in the blogosphere I'd say it's wise to understand both te culture and the law, wouldn't you?

Hat tip: Technology Pundits

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